18/01/2017 – Guero-Strangrstringss

Guero delivered an EP full of music to enjoy and cherish, rather than listen and forgot.



Seventeen days down and Michigan native Guero has already released a mini album, [ white elephants ] and an EP that is playful, but not a pushover. [ loops. ] is this EP. Though it only has six songs and lasts less than fifteen minutes, it contains some fantastic motifs, ideas and more importantly Guero nails every one of them to create an EP that begs to be played again and again.



Opening with harp strings and a melancholy flute, Dorothy1 sounds like a Cut Chemist pissing about with some lost ?uestlove drum beats an classic Hollywood scores. Session follows on this classic vibe and proves the old adage that if it isn’t broke, don’t try and fix it, it certainly true.



Strangrstringss is the standout moment of the EP. Its built around a beautiful string and vocal loop, that Guero has slowed down and underpinned by a delicious breakbeat. It’s woozy, hypnotic and frankly remarkable. Due to its understated nature it treats the same with care and kindness, rather than manhandling it through a samples and chopping beats around it. Sai and Dorothy3 close the EP with more laidback, wonky hip-hop. The samples are again chosen to complement the music, rather than just being picked as a vocal hook is needed.



Let’s hope the Guero continues this style with another longplayer. It would be interesting to see how he’d work with an MC, but that might get in the way of the music and that would be a shame, as this is something that needs to be heard!















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  1. Nita said:

    Not only do you post new music for me to experience, you tell a little about it. I like that. However, for those of us (me) who aren’t up on all the words and abbreviations in the music world, could you explain some of them? Back in my day (I’m not very young) we had LP, which was long-playing, or we often said, “a big record.” What is an EP? Or a MC? Thanks for broadening my world.

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