17/01/2017 – Lucky Shivers-Human by Night

Lucky Shivers. Remember that name. Lucky Shivers…



What do you get it mix London, Northampton, Leicester, a Karate Dojo and pop hooks? Apart from a bloody good story, Lucky Shivers. This quartet make the kind of slacker dream-pop quartet that is as life affirming as it is raucous.



Lucky Shivers have just released their debut single, Human by Night, and it’s nothing short of fantastic. As an introduction to their sound, style and world goes this does it all. We are exposed to their ability as wordsmiths, their dextrous ear for melody, their love of abrasive guitars and finally, and most importantly, their ability to mix it all together into a cohesive mass that gets better with each listen. But what really makes this a great single is its totally charming. Maybe not as charming as meeting a gent dressed in a three-piece tweed one New Year’s Eve at a bar who buys you a drink then discusses with you about your favourite subject, while regaling, and entertaining you, at the same time, but its close. So very close….



If physical music is your bag and especially cassingles, cassette singles, then keep your eyes out for a limited glitter cassette. This is something you’ll cherish and keep, until you need some money for the electric meter.



Human by Night is released on 3rd February through the Shipping Forecast Music Company















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  1. Nita said:

    Always love visiting your blog. It’s interesting, and (as someone else used to say) if I’m not careful I may learn something. Looking forward to hearing more of their music.

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