19/01/2017 – Passion Pusher-The Impersonator

Passion Pusher’s new single is lo-fi, illegible and totally captivating!



In a world of over produced and auto-tuned music it’s great to hear something that isn’t. Edinburgh’s Passion Pusher is this kind of artist. Since 2012 he has released over 200 singles, EP’s and albums, each showcasing his ability for absurdity, an ear for melody and a general disregard to musical conventions. There is a primal innocence to his music, where everything is allowed and nothing is wrong. In a way it’s like if Lone Pigeon never had seen musical instruments before just started recording what he played.



On his new single Spitefully Done Well Formed Creative Yet Still Functionable he’s stripped things back even more, yes that is possible, and what he delivers is as honest as song writing gets. The Impersonator kicks things off. Jaunty keyboards underpin, stream of conciseness vocals while a mellotron keeps everything progressing smoothly. Still At Home is an Ailie cover and is the tightest song on the single. Tinny guitars assault the senses and delightful vocals remind you that when he wants to Passion Pusher can record glorious pop gems. The singles end son Old Gelle. A disjointed track that feels like being drunk, or seasick, or both. As it skews one way, then another your senses are cast into a state of flux. When it comes to an abrupt halt you are initially glad as the motion has stopped, but at the same time you miss the sensation and play it again.















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