“The passion for collecting is a full-time job, a kind of blessed obession” Stephen Jay Gould



I’m a music obsessive 30 something, and I live in unfashionable part of West London with my wife. I used to work in the bowels of the music industry, while this doesn’t impart my daily venting, I have a very good idea how the industry works and what really goes on behind the scenes.



My love affair with music started when I was 8 years old and hasn’t show any sign of waning (it has been distracted along the way by football, school, films, college, uni and dead end jobs), nor has my love for M/A/R/R/S.



I like nothing better than sitting in a pub with mates and setting the world to rights, or just drinking heavily and arguing about what the best Mansun B-Side, what the scariest episode of the X-Files and why the Paralympics was far more enjoyable than the actual Olympics (at the time of writing this it’s Lemonade Secret Drinker, Fire, did you not see the high jump finals).



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  1. So… no Sinatra? Listen to the Capitol years – some good stuff in the early part of his career. In the late middle part of his career, he did two beautiful albums with Antonio Jobim that are worth a listen.

    Like your blog.

    • I love Nancy and Frank. I do have a lot of Frank Sinatra’s albums, and Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim is great. If You Never Come to Me is a beautiful song!

      • Absolutely! I’m a bit of fan of his music. Have everything beginning with his first recordings back in the late 30s / early 40s. He was an important force in pop music and, to a lesser extent, in jazz. Lyrics were important to him, the story was of paramount importance. I think that is what attracts me to him.

      • He did release the first ever ‘album’. Do you have that?

      • I have things going back to his days with Tommy Dorsey and then beyond. Do you mean the first ‘concept’ album?

      • I mean The Voice of Frank Sinatra. It’s really beautiful in its arrangement.

  2. hafong said:

    I love music, too. I would like to be a musician, but alas! No talent but I can strum some bad guitar and tinker on the piano. I guess that is what one gets when one practices during TV commercials. Thank you for your like and follow. I am following you in kind.

  3. Thanks for your comment about The Original Artists, which led me to your site; a veritable goldmine. I like the fact that you’ve got an eclectic mix here. I checked the big band page and enjoyed ‘The Joy of Cooking’. I’m looking forward to the first Duke Ellington post. I’ll write it for you if you like.

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