26/09/2016 – Juan y Los del Campo-El Fin de un Mundo (2016)

Juan y Los del Campo creates music as he sees the world. Part of me wants to live in this world, but part of me is glad I don’t…



In an ideal world we’d all have theme music. I haven’t quite worked out if you only get one, or if you get a different one for your altering moods, but at this moment I’d like my theme music to be composed and played by Juan del Campo.



On his new single Psicodelia Rural, he, well, let’s let him explain… ‘Psicodelia Rural es una pelicula sonora que habla del amor, el agua, el fuego y el fin del mundo. Una obra conceptual hecha en lo profundo de las sierras cordobesas y para el mundo. Un saludo de hasta luego y un abrazo en la distancia.’ If you don’t read Spanish, translated it means ‘Rural Psychedelia sound is a movie that speaks of love, the water, the fire and the end of the world. A conceptual work done in the depths of the cordoba and for the world. A greeting from until then and a hug in the distance.’ This is exactly what every Monday should be about. Delicate guitars, haunting vocals, field recordings layered over it all and a heavy dose of cinematic suspense. Musically it’s haunting, eerie and ultimately fantastic. At times it sounds like a theme from a night mission in Red Dead Redemption, or Red Dead Undead. The tension as the single progresses until either your nerves can’t take it anymore or the song fades out.
















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