27/09/2016 – Very Fresh-Schedule IV (2016)

Very Fresh’s new EP is a must have for any grunge revivalists out there!



It’s been about six years since Cindy Lou Gooden, AKA Very Fresh, started to wage her merry war against music. Since originally being in a Pavement cover band, Babement with Sadie Dupuis, her from Speedy Ortiz fame, Gooden has released a slew of EP’s and singles that range from grunge to slacker pop and everything in between.



Now Gooden is gearing up for her latest EP, Hey, it’s Me!, set for release on 4th November. So far only one song, Schedule IV, has been released. From the opening bars you’d be forgiven for thinking that Schedule IV is a serene indie-pop track, as Gooden’s vocals are sugary sweet. Then, with a crescendo of guitars and drums, her voice, and the song, changes and becomes a banger.



However that isn’t to say that Gooden doesn’t know when to bring it down again. The verses, and middle eight, are melodic and gentle, but when the chorus kicks in, everything goes up a notch. Gooden’s vocals soar and growl at the same time. Let’s hope that the rest of the EP is fun, and lairy, as Schedule IV otherwise I might lose my control!



Hey, It’s Me! Is released 4th November through Inflated Records and New Professor Music

















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