25/09/2016 – QAMI-Chef Boi Sauce Up (2016)

QAMI releases For the People EP, but the price tag isn’t for everyone…



Trap has a bit of a bad press in some circles. Some of my friends don’t really like, or get, it as a genre. They claim the music is too slow, and aggressive, and that the lyrics are too fast to be able to understand what’s actually going on. While I see their points, and slightly agree with them, these are the fundamental elements that make Trap so exciting and needed in 2016. Luckily producer QAMI has released a seven track EP full of instrumental tracks that showcase how vibrant the genres can be!




Moctezuma gets things off to a woozy start, comes out of the gate faster than FC Lorient vs. Lyon. The basslines are filthy and has a hint of the RZA to it, if the RZA made wonky bass music. While listening to Moctezuma you get cinematic imagines of people cruising around in classic cars, or of a club scene where a character is tripping balls and trying to find a way out to get some fresh air. Finish Them, as the title suggest, has an air of malice and danger to it. Skewed synths was underpinned by a clean piano/keyboard line that has the power, if played enough, to get stuck in your hear.



Chef Boi Sauce Up is one of the stand out tracks on the album. There is an Oriental feel to it, if you know the Shogun Assassin soundtrack then you’ll get what I mean. Murky claustrophobic productions make it hard to pick out the lower levels of the mix, but the high end is clear and sharp. XXL 2017 feels like an off cut from a John Carpenter score, given a trap remix/re-jiggle. Y7B and Dirty end the EP on fine from.  Both are slow repetitive beats and basslines. The synth line that closes Y7B is one of the stand out moments on the EP.



Of course the downside to this EP is the price tag. At $50 a track and $1,000 for the complete seven track EP, For the People isn’t for the people at all. And this is a massive shame as there are lots of inventive and forward thinking motifs at play here. I totally get that QAMI is using For the People as a show reel so people can hear what he’s capable of, and this ultimately isn’t for mass consumption, but even so, the price tag really puts a sour note on what is a remarkable and exciting EP.
















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