20/07/2016 – Janice and the Pink Monkeys-Harriet (2016)

South Korean ethereal dream pop group release the musical equivalent of a freeze pop on a summer day



In two hundred words I’m going to tell you about something wonderful and hopefully make you a fan of this unique and exciting project.



For about a year South Korea’s Janice and the Pink Monkeys have been releasing slices of electronic dream pop. This is personified, and intensified, on their new release This Girl Harriet. Consisting of only three songs, but don’t think you’re being short changed, each track is at least twenty minutes long, we’re taking on a journey through a lurid musical landscape where there are no corners and everything is both fluffy and bubbly. Imagine a longer, slower version of Brian Eno’s classic Deep Blue Day and you’re on the right lines.



As the three songs, Harriet, Harrier Harriet and Never Afraid, take their time slowly snaking and roaming through vivid dreamscapes there isn’t really a stand out moment, apart from the start of This Girl Harriet to its delightful end. There is another reason to adore this EP. During the creative process Janice and the Pink Monkeys wrote, and published a diary about the process. This is a fairly frank, but surreal series of blog posts. If you want more of an insight into this South Korean’s recording procedures click on the link below!



Damn two hundred and fourteen words…



















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