21/07/2016 – Cold Pumas-Fugue States (2016)

Cold Pumas have always been touted to be the business, now, with their new album, they’re living up to the hype



Since their 2012 debut Persistent Malaise Brighton’s Cold Pumas have done the hardest thing. Keeping things on track and staying relevant. This might sound like an easy thing to do, but after that first album comes out and you get a bit of attention, it can sometimes go to a bands head, and by the time album two is released the band have gone off in weird and isolating directions. Remember that band who were once big, oh and that other one who had that song that peoople liked? You know who I mean…



Luckily this isn’t the case on The Hanging Valley. Everything is basically the same, but different. The music is tighter, if that’s possible for a lo-fi indie pop combo, the lyrics get to the chase quicker, but without losing any of their guile and insightfulness and everything is lavishly covered in a filthy Pixies-esque sheen. In short it’s a joy to behold, and listen to.



Listening to Fugue States, and The Hanging Valley, is like reading your own mind’s worse fears and greatest joys. Discouragement, Self-inflicted unemployment, love, the repetition of life’s repetitions, redemption, creative dormancies of romantic contentment, inner-city commute. It’s all there. In thirty eight minutes Cold Pumas describe exactly what it feels like to be alive in 2016, for better or worse. This is their power. They managed to cross class, employment and education and get you right to the crux of the song. And at the end of the day, isn’t that the point…?



The Hanging Valley is released on 19th August on faux Discx/Gringo Records
















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