19/07/2016 – Morgan Delt-The System of 1000 Lies (2016)

Morgan Delt emerges from his Topanga Canyon studio after a long hibernation



Last time we heard from Morgan Delt in 2014 they were melting our faces off with, well, liberal uses of Eastern percussion, feedbacking guitars, incendiary riffs, lo-fi garage rock symphonies and a general underlying feeling of enmity and acerbity. However now he’s returned, with an album called Phase Zero, and everything is more serene and a feeling of peace and contentment flows from it. Yes the Eastern influences are still there, but they’re more melodic.



Sounding like a mixture of classic hazy LA bands The Byrds, Notorious period, with a touch of the production values of Fleetwood Mac, Tusk era, Terry Riley electronics and general psych vibes a-la The Insect Trust and The Travel Agency and you have the idea of the kind of music Delt is now making. But these shorthand’s doesn’t do the music any justice, oh no, the more you hear the more you pick out, much like a draw full of phone chargers, MP3 player leads and headphones all tangled up, you’ve started on an unravelling that will take longer than you think.



Lead single The System of 1000 Lies is a slow burner that is the musical equivalent of a summer sunset. But just like a summer sunset if you stay out too long you’ll get burned, and this is what The System of 1000 Lies does through melodic guitars, rhythmic synths and stumble stop drumming. It starts off as a pleasant thing to do, but gradually, after more and more listens, it’s all over you and there is no escape.



As this is the first indication of Phase Zero, let’s hope that they follow in its delicious formula and its another collection of lo-fi symphonies that firstly you can’t ignore and secondly why would you want to?



Phase Zero is released 26th August through Sub Pop

















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