11/07/2016 – Zee Town and the Dog Boys-Plastic Boy (2016)

Art is Hard’s Pin Pals singles club just got series thanks to Zee Town and the Dog Boys!



The good people at Art is Hard are at it again. Over the last few years they have come up with ingenious singles clubs. We’ve had postcards, pizza boxes, handcut square 7” records and a myriad of other things in between. Now they’ve hit upon the amazing idea of pin badges. Every month, for twelve months, Art is Hard will release a digital single with an accompanying one inch pin badge. So far Two White Cranes, Sad Culture and IYSAYA have all been immortalised in pin form, but now its Falmouth’s Zee Town and the Dog Boy’s turn.



Last year Zee Town and the Dog Boys released two EP’s that were nigh on flawless with their execution of wonky slow jams full of melancholy and longing. Their label Wavey Head puts it best when they say “an alluring haunting 15 minutes that takes you to the last sunset of the season, most probably on a cliff top in Kernow”. But that was then, what about now. Plastic Boy opens with psych flourishes before a breath takingly melodic guitar riff and faux marching band drum beats kicks in. Then Plastic Boy skews and sways along throwing beautiful harmonies, Kraut keyboards and walls of woozy guitars. Another element to Plastic Boy’s unyielding charm is that it was produced by Dan E Brown. Let’s face it, this is just the icing on the cake!



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