10/07/2016 – Reflowered Girlz-Love Song (2016)

Reflowered Girlz knock it out of the park on debut release



Reflowered Girlz have only being going since late last year. I find this hard to believe. Part of this disbelief is that their songs are fully formed and, as a band, they are tight and powerful. This isn’t an easy thing to do. Established bands find this hard to do, yet alone a band on their debut release. Whatever the magic formula is Reflowered Girlz know all about it.



Their debut EP kicks off with Love Song. Opening with the lines “I don’t care what they do, I just wanna be with you, I don’t care what they say, I just wanna love you all day”, that is after a barrage of drums and distorted guitars. These are themes we’ve heard hundreds of times before, but Anna Reflowered Girlz really wins us over. This is done through an honest delivery and catchy hooks. Living Un-Normal sees the band tackle mundane subjects and question them in an extensional manner. “It feels like I’m living inside of my mind, My head always hurts from just being alive, My eyes can see thermal, Living un-normal” sums this malaise up perfectly. Again it is backup by driving drums, purring bass and visceral guitars.



There are traces of The Go-Go’s, Sleater-Kinney, The Detroit Cobras, The Replacements, Runaways and a slew of other seminal bands throughout the Reflowered Girlz EP. Some of them are as obvious as a tone of voice, others a more subtle, a turn of phrase/guitar sound, but instead of sounding like a pastiche or a rip-off, it all works to make Reflowered Girlz one of the most enjoyable and exciting releases in recent months.













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