12/07/2016 – Closet Goth-Hyphen (2016)

Closet Goth releases his finest work to date on Warped You Records



Colin Bauer is a closet goth. Well, that isn’t actually correct. Colin Bauer is the Closet Goth. For most of the world these two sentences are the same thing, but for anyone who is a fan of Arizona’s Warped Your Records this means a great deal. Bauer has now successfully released one album and a handful of songs for various comps since last year, but now, with his second longplayer for the label Everything is Spinning, we see him delivering on his early promise.



Everything is Spinning opens with the instrumental maelstrom inducing Hyphen. It cuts a dark figure as it stalks around your ears. Love Matt Aurand and Isabelle’s Song are also instrumentals, but don’t think that due to the lack of lyrics they are just there to make up the numbers, far from it! They has as much power and intensity as anything else released this year. Musically its melodic, dark, brooding and a joy to hear. Its only on What is No One Laughing At My Jokes?, with its hardcore-esque screechy vocals that Bauer really lets rip and starts to get some anger off this chest. For two and a half minutes it slams and pogo’s all over the shop whilst repeatedly holding our collective collar and screaming in our face.



The next few songs, Is There a Dfference Between Red and Blue?, Time and I Spend My money,  are slower and more melodic, but the intensity is still there. I Spend My Time is the longest song on the album. In fact its intro is longer than most of the other tracks. Droney bass, atonal guitars and an overriding feeling of doom and malice pervades. Saying that its one of the most complete songs on Everything is Spinning and its stand out moment. Another instrumental, Teleprompter, shows up near the end. This is basically just a massive melodic solo. An abrasive sounding guitar cuts through our collective being as it meanders along. There are no other instruments other than Bauer’s solo guitar. The album closes with title track Everything is Spinning. Another darkly broody screamer. I couldn’t tell you what he’s singing about, but I know exactly what it’s about. Isolation. Alienation. Being ignored by the powers that be, and possibly girls. It closes the album with the same visceral power it opened with.



Sounding like The Cure in full on Pornography mode, his music doesn’t mess about getting to the joint. It cuts and jabs its way along jostling us one way only to relax its vice like grip for a few moments only to start pulling us another way. The phrase wall of sound gets used to often to describe things that it isn’t. On Everything is Spinning we, the listener, are confronted with a fall of sound from the opening note to the last reverb drenched chord. This isn’t so much music you listen to, but music that is thrust upon on. And I for one am glad it was!















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