25/05/2015 – Fickle Friends-Paris (2015)

Brighton’s new-wave pop group deliver the goods on new EP



Fickle Friend’s new EP’s release couldn’t have been timed better. The Velvet EP was made for the summer. It oozes fun and you can almost feel the Sun’s fading rays on you during the title track. The bass surges and Natassja Shine’s vocals are the perfect juxtaposition to the downtempo disco beats.



While the music is a joyous up tempo affair, the lyrics reveal a slightly darker theme. It’s their ability to seamlessly mix these two schools perfectly that makes them truly something to get excited about. What’s more the promise of their early singles, especially Swim, appears to be being fully realised. Their current home Killing Moon records have a real talent on their hands, and rumour has it that there is more in the offing later this year, when they finish their UK tour.



Expect to hear this lot soundtracking the lives of some real life fickle friends on Made in Chelsea soon!














  1. Oh my goodness the name ha ha But the music was really good!

  2. I don’t like the whole mixing good vibes with darker theme lyrics but that’s just me.

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