26/05/2015 – Yak-Plastic People (2015)

London trio prove they’re worth the hyperbole and adulation on new single



London based Yak have been creating a stir since they first emerged on London’s live scene last year. Since then they’ve released the excellent Hungry Heart single, destroyed audiences whenever they’ve played and started generating the kind of mythology that all bands need to separate them from the also-rans. You know stuff like jamming with Thurston Moore, hanging out with Courtney Taylor in Portland, selling furniture to Jason Pearce and having John Coxon help out on your early demos doesn’t hurt either.



Now they’ve returned with new EP Plastic People. Yak has the knack of writing music that hankers to a different time, but sounds fresh and exciting. Their brand of garage psych-sludge psychobilly channels the Cramps, Birthday Party, Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, but never losing sight of the track through a cacophony of guitars, yells and feedback. It’s the kind of music that makes you glad to be alive!



The Chinese astrology system got it wrong when they said that 2015 was the year of the goat. Given the impressive Plastic People EP, and the hint that more releases are in the pipeline, 2015 looks set to be the year of Yak. But isn’t a yak just a bigger and better goat anyway?















  1. Great information, Nick. Plastic People? Who’d have thought? And the Yak is an amazing creature–much better than a goat.

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