11/01/2017 – Half Waif-Severed Logic

Half Waif puts her cards on the table, and they’re looking very hard to beat…



Nandi Rose Plunkett is a talent. That much is obviously apparent to anyone who heard last years Little Elephant Live Session 12”. While it only consisted for three tracks, each of those pulsated with ideas, verve and a pop sensibility that showed a maturity and restraint that her peers are missing. Now she’s gearing up for the release of a new EP, Form/a, next month on Cascine.



The overall theme of the EP is home. What is home? What makes a home, and more importantly, how can I get home? Recently Plunkett said “There’s an inherent restlessness in the way that I write and think about sound,” she explains. “I’m the daughter of a refugee, and somewhere in me is this innate story of searching for a home. As a result, I have many – a collection of places that I latch onto, that inspire me, that fuse themselves to me. I’m sentimental, nostalgic – yet constantly seeking what’s next, excavating the sound of my past and colouring it to make the sound of my future. I’m a child of divorce, fiercely loved but forced into independence at a young age; I rocket into relationships with the desire to find roots, commonality, to create stillness in the midst of public noise. In this way, my songs are like the notes of a large scavenger hunt, clues pinned to trees I have known, or tucked under rocks on my path, urging the listener to keep looking a little deeper, because maybe they will find something special in the end.”



So far all we have to go on is Served Logic. This is a song that exemplifies everything that last year’s single, and her comments on Form/a, stand for. There is a slight neo-country Lissie vibe to the proceedings, but this slight genre twist just adds to Served Logic’s charm. It reminds us of all the beautifully heart wrenching story tellers from the past, but the music is contemporary and pops and clicks with a delicate pop charm that makes it hard to ignore and harder to turn off. Half Waif? Oh no, there are no half measure about this!



Form/a is released on 24th February on Cascine















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