10/01/2017 – Spectres-Neck

Spectres return with their second album to save us from ourselves



Has it really been two years since four guys from Bristol emerged from the fug and released an album that is still as life affirming as it is confounding. Sadly it has, but the good news is that they’re about to return with their second album Condition. As a title Condition is pretty emotive. Are they talking about social conditioning, or is there a specific condition to writing music? Well luckily frontman Joe Hatt explained it thus “I’ve always been interested in the human condition in terms of how we are programmed emotionally and either try to adhere or break away from that. How we condition ourselves to try and blend in or get through the day, whether that be blocking things out, or drinking it all in, or in many cases both. The title came to me when we were mixing the first record and, from then on, it just stuck. It was about another year before I started writing lyrics for Condition, but it was good having that starting point forming and sprawling in my head for that amount of time as there was already a mood set.”

After hearing their latest single Neck it’s safe to say its business as usual, but instead of releasing Dying 2.0 Spectres have gone back to basics and looked deep in themselves to record a song that gives up more of its secrets with each listen. The recording process sounds as quixotic as we’d hope “We were going to bury our phones, burn our laptops and just write music for a week, come back and record it,” Hatt said “But we didn’t get a chance to do this as all of our holidays from work were used up by us gigging more than we were used to. The romantic idea of the writing holiday soon just disintegrated into panic when we suddenly realised we were recording the album in a month and we only had about four songs.”

Condition was producted by Frank Arkwright, he’s worked with Mogwai and 65daysofstatic, so we know it’ll sound fantastic and have that rich quality that all his best productions have, but it’s the themes that are the real kicker. “The same things drive us now as they did before because they’re so deep-rooted,” concludes Hatt “Making noise that can’t help but make people forget and remember everything at the same time, and total disdain towards a world where we kind of need to exist.” And this is what we need. We need a band shows us how bad things have got, but also hint at how it can get better. This is Spectre’s power and this is why they’re here to save us, even if we don’t know it!



Condition is released 10th March through Sonic Cathedral















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