03/01/2017 – Syd Static-Brousse

Syd Static has released an EP that demands to be played again and again



Syd Static is a name that you should remember, but will probably forgot. If you do forget that’s a shame, but you do have chance of re-finding him and get blown away again. Because that’s what Static does. Blow you away. Through his debut EP, Brousse, Static has crafted three song that are bouncy and introverted. They have the power to make your night if they are played in the second room of club, yet are inventive enough to keep you entertained on your commute home.



The stand out moment is the opener, and title track, Brousse. Hypnotic, gyroscopic loops engulf you, while glitchy and switchy beats career off every surface, shattering into tiny shards that then go off on their own course. Loop 104 follows this pattern too, but it slightly more subdued.



Let’s hope that Static has more on his psychic hard drive that this teasingly succinct EP and 2017 is a year of Static!















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  1. The music is wonderfully atmospheric. I love it! Thank you for posting this delightful selection of instrumental music.

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