02/01/2017 – Mitch Murder-Lit

Mitch Murder empties his psychic hard drive and releases and odds and sods album for the ages



In certain circles Swedish synthwave producer Mitch Murder is nothing short of a deity. He makes contemporary electronic music that includes jazz, pop, soul and bossa nova and is influenced by Jan Hammer, Renoise, Vince DiCola and Paul Hardcastle, meaning that it has a sounds like the future while hinging at our cultural past.



As 2016 came to an end, Mitch Murder decided to empty is hard drive and release a compilation full of unreleased and free stand-alone tracks titled Selection 4. These songs feature samples from Jean Francois Freitas’ Another World, Russell Shaw’s Syndicate and Marcin Przybyłowicz’s Witcher 3, along with vocals from Emi of Satellite Young.



Selection 4 is a mixture of unreleased and free tracks that Mitch has recorded over the last year, or so. While this isn’t normally a cause for celebration, the beauty of this compilation is how it feels like a fully formed studio album. And this is Mitch Murder’s power. He effortlessly makes single serving and free standing songs feel like they belong as a whole, and more importantly makes us feel connected to them.
















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  1. The synthesized music is a perfect background to my work. It feels like I”m in an 80’s movie and this is my soundtrack. 🙂 I need to go find some leg warmers and shoulder pads.

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