14/12/2016 – Oliver Wilde-Your So Kool Aid (2016)

Oliver Wilde is back and with Howling Owl Records look set to blow away our winter malaise



This is where the tragic happens is the tagline for Oliver Wilde’s new singles Your So Kool-Aid. As expect it’s another slice of wonky wooze-pop but unlike his previous offerings it leans heavily on the spectrum towards electronic side of things. Wilde recently explained this change “‘You’re So Kool-Aid’ documents having full-blown wobbles attempting to reinvent my so called ‘sound’. Takes a few listens to work out why it exists in the first place, demanding you spend more time with it than you want to. It’s just another ugly and obnoxious troubled pop tune from the decompression chamber of general malaise, with lit synth hooks.”



Your So Kool-Aid, and previous single Good Kind of Froze, are taken from his as yet unreleased third album, Post-Frenz Container Buzz, which is due for release in February through Howling Owl Records. This looks set to blow the last of 2016’s cobwebs off us and give everyone a proper dose of psych-wooze-pop.



Without hearing the full album you get the impression that Wilde isn’t out to take an prisoners with this new collection of songs. The musical scope is bigger than anything he’s so far released and the subject matter is by far the most personal of his career to date. Wilde has shown himself to be the real deal and worthy of all the hype he has received. The only down side is February won’t come quick enough…















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