13/12/2016 – Andrew Younker-Brainchild (2016)

Hidden Bay Records round off a successful year with Andrew Younker’s Brainchild EP


What’s better than a fledgling record label? How about a fledgling record label that is releasing amazing music and looks set to release more! This is exactly what is happening with French label Hidden Bay Records. So far this year they have released the wonderfully lo-fi Glider-Demos and Luna Quiet’s Cold Spell single, as well as a wonderfully upbeat release form EJ Marais. Now they’re on the cusp of releasing a new EP from Andrew Younker.



Brainchild is twenty minutes of blissed out slacker indie pop. Before you start thinking “Slack? That was so 1998!” This is slightly different. In between laments about modern living and love, lose and redemption Younker infuses and peppers his song with elements of shoegazing, power pop, psych and pretty much everything in between. But instead of it all sounding like a music hodge-podge it flows seamlessly and everything builds to create a wall of sound that embraces you, rather than tries to knock you down.



Given that Younker has already released an album a single and EP this year it’s safe to say that we’ll be hearing from him in 2017. What Younker has done on Brainchild is craft a driving/travelling playlist. The music never stops moving, undulating and pulsating. While listening to it you constantly have the feeling that you are travelling down a motorway later at night and the road lights are flashing over you in time with the beats. I’m not saying that this is some kind of Drive experience, but I guess that’s down to you.















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