29/10/2016 – Holiday Ghosts-Paranoia (2016)

Art is Hard get their PinPal singles club back on track with a fine addition from Holiday Ghosts



Holiday Ghosts, despite their name, do not make spoooooooooooooooky themed music. Instead they make vibrant, rhythm indie based guitar bothering music. But this is what you’d expect from a band made up with members of The Black Tambourines, Lost Dawn and The Red Cords.



On their debut track, Paranoia, the lyrics are full of millennial angst and hilarity, the best example being “I don’t know that to say, But I guess I’ll do it anyway”. How many times, almost daily, do I suffer this thought? Probably more than I care to admit. In anyone else’s hands this would come across as whingy, self-entitlement, but the Holiday Ghouls give it a throwaway, comedic slant, which makes Paranoia even more endearing.



As with all PinPal releases you receive another addition to your lapel, or coat pocket, badge collection. While the pin isn’t as spooky or haunting as their name belies, there is an element of supernatural fun to it. Imagine if the Man in the Moon was cast in a Woody Allen film and you’re on the right track…















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