30/10/2016 – Yip Man-Silver Wings (2016)

Yip Man is counting down to the release of his new album Braw Power on Armellodie Records



Al Nero, AKA Yip Man, is a name that some of you familiar with Le Reno Amp and Armellodie Records will know him, but to the rest of you it’s just six letters. After Le Reno Amps ended in 2011 Nero has been running Armellodie, but not he’s returning as Yip Man with the album Braw Power.



If you like off-centre skewed guitar music, with a hint of Pavement/Dinorsaur Jr. then this is for you! But the main event isn’t the music, but the lyrics. Nero injects his lyrics with a spirit of existential angst, tongue in cheek black humour and a dose of sarcasm. In another’s hand this might come off as trite or tiresome, Nero makes us rock with laughter, while making us question the darkener things in life like Josef K. in the Trial!



Braw Power is the result of a man coming to terms, not only with himself, but with his place in an ever changing world. Sadly only this the kind of realisation come with age, travel and writing honest sons from the heart.



Braw Power is released 11th November on Armellodie Records















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