11/01/2016 – Nervous Twitch-John Power (2016)

This is about a Britpop as you can get, Nervous Twitch are basically the new Lush when they were going through their indie pop phase



This is a cause for a celebration. Go down the offey and by as much mid strength European lager, beef jerkey and all the Pringles as we’re going to have a party. I expect you’re wondering the reason for this level of debauchery. Nervous Twitch have returned with their second album Don’t Take My TV. Given their previous releases and that this Leeds quartet love everything 70’s punk, garage rock and 60s girl groups, the expectations are quite high for this album.



So far all we have to go on is the devine John Power. For those of who might have forgotten John Power was the bassist in The Las and front man in Britpop group Cast, and this song lives up to the initial connection. It’s about a Britpop as you can get in 2016. The guitars a chuggy, but delightfully playful. The structure is designed so that after the second chorus you’re aching for it to come back. The lyrics have a delectable feel to them and everything is wrapped up in a luscious pop sheen. But most importantly there is no feeling of cynicism, which was the undoing of some great Britpop songs. Basically Nervous Twitch are a version of Elastica, Lush and Menswear, but mainly Lush, when they were going through their indie pop phase rather than their noisy shoegazing period.



All of this bodes well for Don’t Take My TV, which is out 26th February on those good people at Odd Box Records. Make sure you order yourself the limited blue cassette, I know I will!
















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  1. I have no idea what BritPop is or is not. But, this music reminds me of the stuff my kids used to listen to in the 90s.

    I guess there’s no video to the tune, because someone DID get the TV 🙂 after all…

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