10/01/2016 – Right Hand Left Hand-Tarts and Darts (2016)

Right Hand Left Hand give away searing new track to announce release of new album



In 2011 a Welsh duo Right Hand Left Hand released a debut album called Power Grab. This wasn’t just a clever title, the music within was full of clever ideas and forward thinking composition. In the intervening years Right Hand Left Hand have played countless gigs and festivals and supported Super Furry Animals, Futue of the Left, Los Campensinos and the Mae Shi. Now they have announced their return with a free download, Tarts and Darts from their second self-titled album Right Hand Left Hand.



Tarts and Darts picks up from where Power Grab left off, but this they have expanded their sound by adding layer upon layer upon layer upon layer of devastating riffs that starts to redefine post-rock. From the opening layered riff Right Hand Left Hand sound like a different band. The time off appears to have focused them more and the math elements are more pronounced than on previous tracks. By the half way mark, when Tarts and Darts starts to build toward its monumental conclusion, you’re totally swept along with its vim and vision.



Luckily Right Hand Left Hand is released 12th Febraury on Jealous Lovers Club, so we haven’t got long to wait to hear this noe-post-rock opus!
















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  1. This is great music–I might need to get this for when I run.

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