22/04/2015 – Turbo Fruits-Show Me Something Real (2015)

Nashville garage quartet channel classic rock on new album



Four albums down and Nashville’s Turbo Fruits have looked to the past for inspiration. On their new album No Control, they channel the Doors, Cheap Trick, Kings of Leon, Ramones and the Strokes, in less than forty minutes without ever sounding like a pastiche.



The albums opener Show Me Something Real kicks things off in fine form. Opening line “Am I holding on, to something that isn’t real, I’m trying to stop by thinking about you, but I just can’t help the way I feel” set ups the album perfectly. This theme of heartache permeates the album. Comeback single Don’t Let Me Break Your Heart message is simple “Don’t let me break your heart again, We’ve been here a million times before, Something about you that I can’t ignore” and later “Always play into each other’s games, Chasing memories never feels the same.” The rest of the album follows in this vein. Tracks named Favourite Girl, Friends rub shoulders with Need to Know, No Reason to Stay and Worry About You. Either way the message is clear. Love isn’t easy.





In the years, since 2012’s Butter, Turbo Fruit has grown up. This is the sound of a band that not only enjoys what they’re doing, but also has something to say. Musically they have grown up too. No Control sounds cleaner and most focused than their previous efforts. This is in part down to the Black Keys Patrick Carney, who produced the album. While they have lost a lot of the fuzz and feedback, what he has uncovered beneath are fantastic melodies and sublime hooks.



The closing lines of the album “Take my pain away, I wish I could have you one more time” seem to bookend the opening perfectly. Luckily we can experience it again just by pressing play. In a world of tribute acts, sound-a-likes and revivalists, Turbo Fruits show they still have plenty to say and are in complete control of their musical destiny, even if their love lives are in tatters.











  1. griperang said:

    Thank you for sharing. I don’t listen to much music so this was interesting to me.

    • griperang said:

      I am Angela H from the Ultimate Blog Challenge Facebook page

  2. I like that song (Don’t Let Me Break Your Heart Again)! I think I’ll check out more of their stuff…. I like discovering new (to me) music in random places. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Oh my goodness, what a fun video! The music is awesome as well!

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