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Motion Graphics has let Yasuaki Shimizu loose on Lense ahead of live debut



Remixes are easy to get wrong. Throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s singles and albums were littered with car-crash remixes. Granted some on paper looked like matches made in heaven, I won’t say the parties names out of respect, and others were just tosh, I’m still angry at Tony De Vit… When I saw that Yasuaki Shimizu, prolific Japanese composer, saxophonist, and producer, was remixing Lense by Motion Graphics I hoped the results would be good. I was wrong. The results are amazing!



The original version was filled with laconic synths, macabre basslines and adhoc beats, the remix has been smoothed out and doused with a pop sheen. At times it sounds like a totally different song. This is exactly what should happen on a good remix. You should be reminded of the original, but enough should be different to make it the remixer’s song. This is exactly what has happened here.



Joe Williams, AKA Motion Graphics, had this to say about Shimizu and his re-interruption of Lense “I’ve been a longtime admirer of Yasuaki Shimizu’s diversity in music. Each Shimizu record reflects a different sensibility, he cast such a wide net. I’m amazed to hear a medley that contains fragments of Music for Commercials, Utakata no Hibi, Seventh Garden, some of my favorite records ever sampled in this remix.”



After listening to this on loop for longer than I care to admit this is becoming one of my favourite, if not THE favourite remix of the year. It basically as it all. Luscious melodies, succinct basslines, crisp vocals and a synth hook to send me off on a rapturous soliloquy. Avoid this at your peril…!