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Norfolk’s finest Mr. David Viner returns with first insight to new unreleased album



Mr. David Viner is a musician who has never really let everyone at thisyearinmusic down. Each album shows a marked progression from the one that came before. As he’s got older, and more confident in his song-writing abilities, Viner has been redefining acoustic-indie-blues. His dextrous finger picking and penchant for wistful lyricism, but all wrapped up in bedsit chic.



New song Plaza opens with a jaunty finger picked intro before Viner’s dulcet tones envelope us like a favourite towel after a bath. We’re warmed by his tones of love, rejection and redemption. This is Viner masterstroke. At first you think the lyrics are as upbeat as the music, but after a few listens you realise this is not the case.



As the years go on, Viner sounds more and more like Leonard Cohen. This is not a bad thing, as Viner’s songs are filled with pathos and tongue in cheek jokes. This is exemplified with the following lyric “And I stand before you soaked through and undressed, And I sing before you broken blind and blessed”. Given this is the only song off Viner’s next, and so far untitled and unreleased, album it’s hard to tell what the rest will be like, but let’s hope it’s as flawless as his 2004 classic This Boy Don’t Care.










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John J Presley offer an interesting take on a classic song



When I first heard John J. Presley a few years ago, I commented to a friend that he sounded like a mixture of Nick Cave and Tom Waits, so his new track is no surprise. The only real surprise is why has it taken him so long to record and release it?



The main difference between Waits’ version and this is that Presley has slowed it down. At first this sentence doesn’t make sense, given that the original was never played at breakneck speed, but Presley’s version is slower. At firs this sounds jarring and you hope it’ll speed up, but after a few listens you get it and realise that the space between the notes and vocals is transfixing and adds something that Waits never had. Malice.



While Presley makes this cover his own, it never eclipse the original. This isn’t a unexpected as Waits’ 1980 version is a classic. However given Presley’s vocal range and penchant for the blues, this could have been something very special indeed.



Tour Dates
April 20 – The Shacklewell Arms, London
May 24 – Indo, London
July 25 – Golden Slippers at Blacks Club, London











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So it’s been 1 year, 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds since thisyearinmusic’s last New Year’s (Dis)Honour list. The whole point of end-of-year-lists is to showcase things that the writer(s) have enjoyed and you, my dear reader, might have missed all the while showing themselves to be much more knowledgably and interesting than you are.



We would like to think that thisyearinmusic is different and we generally try and showcase things that have touched us and defined what 2015 was about, but sadly we’re just as bad as all the others, and this post is just an example of that. Last year’s list was ungainly and bloated, so we’ve tried to cut it down to the bare bones. We won’t be handing out prizes for art direction, production and such, but instead we’ll give you Album and Song of the year, and people to watch out for this year. We aren’t even going to waffle on for ages about why these songs are good and better than millions of over songs released this year, but we will say that each captured the feeling and mood of the year perfectly.


Song of the Year



10. Big Dope P-Still Hood



9. The Bug Zim Version



8. Django Django-Giant



7. Hunck-I’ll Wait




6. The Garden-HaHa



5. Courtney Barnett-Elevator Operator



4. The Death of Pop-Rayban Party



3. Ricky Eats Acid-Carnival of Souls



2. E B U-Dead of Night



  1. Loyle Carner- Tierney Terrace



Album of the Year



10. Warm Brain-Big Wow





9. Grubs-It Must Be Grubs





8. Sasha Siem-Most of the Boys





7. MXLX-^___^





6. Death Grips-Fashion Week





5. Miguel Baptista Benedict-bedsores (regurgitations and loops)



4. Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power-Today is the Day that they Take me Away



3. Kamasi Washington-The Epic



2. Binker and Moses-Dem Ones




  1. Fairhorns-FUCKUP Rush




One’s to Watch



Activia Benz



Du Bellows



Applewood Road



Oliver Wilde



Baishe Kings


Where the hell has this year gone? Last time I checked it was March, and now we’re coming into the final straight. As with the previous ten months, November has been pretty good. Here are the highlights:




Club Kuru


Trust Fund

Mercury Prize

Warm Brains





Album Leaf

Me and My Drummer



But the real highlight was the Mutations festival. For two days we were pulled pillar to post across Brighton so we wouldn’t miss anything. High lights included:



Willis Earl Beal

Nature Channel


Chelsea Wolf

Neko Case

Abi Wade

Josh T. Pearson

Christopher Owens


Merlin Tonto

Best Friends


Blank Mass



Foreign Skin

Mount Bank

Jane Weaver

Lightning Bolt




So, again as usual, December the gauntlet has been thrown down. Will you accept…







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So another month draws to a close, and with it the year’s end gets that little bit closer too. It’s safe to say that Autumn is fully here, so it’s that time of year to wrap up warm and listen to of Arrowe Hill and R.E.M. while walking briskly through local parks.


October has been another quality month for new music. Pure Bathing Culture released an absolute gem with Palest Pearl.


Coco showed that the Steel City is still the place for forward thinking Grime.


Simbiosi released unrelenting music that pummelled us into submission with their debut album Elements.


Larry Gus released and album the let the world see that DFA could release skewed pop with the best of them.


Iglooghost got his call up to the big leads with the announcement that his new EP would be released on Flyng Lotus’ Brainfeeder label. Expect more from this exciting, day-glo, sugar rushing teenager!


Loyle Carner showed again that he’s the real deal with his latest single Ain’t Nothing Changed. When his album finally comes out it’ll redefine what UK Hip-Hop can and should be!


Wovoka Gentle’s latest single shows that Folktronica is alive and well in 2015.


Victories at Sea channelled New Order and Duarn Duran on latest single Up.


Savages returned with the musical equlivant of being punched repeatedly in the face! Their second album, released in January, looks set to be as XXX exquisite as their debut.


Activia Benz had a great month, not just with their never ending, but also with the release of Sega Bodega’s new EP Sportswear. If you have the cash get the limited edition tracksuit because it’s fit!


Art is Hard also followed on the excellent work of their Hand Cut Record Club by releasing one of the strongest releases to date with Rodents’ beautifually skewed and bombastic Calm Down.


Levantis released an album that challenged as well entertainted. More of the same goinging forward, yeah?







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