02/02/2017 – Knife Liibrary-Drowned a Bit…

Rejoice! Rejoice! Knife Liibrary hath returned!



Five years ago an album was released. It was an independent release that was limited to 200 LP’s and about a million downloads. It featured mournful piano workouts and confessional lyrics. The majority of the world missed it, but those who did hear it were changed. It was an album of power and majesty. It was a dark wonder it was Drowners by Knife Liibrary.



Knife Liibrary is the nom de plume of Matt Loveridge, he of MXLX, Fairhorns, Gnar Hest and Team Brick. His music is always visceral, self-depreciating and loosely based around the Croatoa Institute, an organisation whose origins are discussed on Fairhorns’ 2016 cryptic opus Committee XIV. But “What does any of this have to do with anything?” I can hear you ask, Knife Liibrary is back, with another record, Relentless Hammer, full of gritty bittersweet laments about modern living.



So far the only track that has been released is Drowned a Bit But of the Water Screaming “Fuck Right Off” and it’s business as usual. Distressed piano kicks things off, before Loveridge’s layered vocals start wailing and bemoaning. As on previous Loveridge releases the production and arrangement is second to none. As the song progresses it builds the tension and atmospherics through an almost never ending rising piano, which slowly gets faster and faster. Two thirds of the way through the song abruptly stops, then after a few bars of ambient, and ad-hoc, noise, it starts up again, but this time the melody has changed and everything is jarring and discordant until a wonderful outro closes the piece.



Relentless Hammer is released on 8th April













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