31/01/2017 – The Answer-In This Land

The Answer release a single that goes back to their cultural roots



Ireland’s The Answer are riding a wave. Last year they released an album, Solas, that was as ambitious as it was melodic. It contained the song In This Land, which has now been released as a single. It was about being in a band, getting local, then national success and moving away, returning. Althought the song is set in Ireland, it is full of the characters that anyone who has ever been involved in a local music scene will recognise. Some make you laugh, some make you cry and other will leave you thinking “Um, are they talking about me here”.



Singer Cormac Nesson describes it “The song is about growing up in Northern Ireland and the sense of cultural identity that such an upbringing spawns. It’s a very colourful and wonderful place, at times contradictory, at times tragic but always unique and oh so memorable. It’s something we’re all very proud of; our little land has been responsible for its fair share of heroes, criminals and stars!All of this come across through erudite lyrics, dextrous playing and a sense of arrangement that would make Van Morrison happy.



While The Answer might not be everyone’s cup of tea, they are excellent at what they do. At times you kind of want them to push the envelope, both sonically and musically, but In This Land is a great introduction to a band that have more to offer than a first listen might lead you to believe….















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