Gulp-Search for Your Love (Django Django Remix)

Django Django transform GULP into a delicious slice of woozy pop!



Wow! Just wow is the only real response after listening to Django Django’s remix of Gulp’s Search For Your Love. Gulp is made up of Lindsey Level, Guto Pryce and Gid Goundrey, but there is a rag-tag bunch that contribute when needed too, giving the project a free flowing vibe, which complements the music.


Search For Your Love is a continuation of Gulp’s 2014 album Season Sun, but instead of resting on their laurels, Gulp have pushing their musical boundaries. Everything have as cinematic essence to it that oozes danger and heartache. There is also a 1970’s sheen to the production, making it hard to know when the song was actually recorded. Is this is new band, or have the tapes been hidden in a studio, like The Dragons,? But it’s the remix that Django Django delivered that is the real show stopper. It sounds like Duane Eddy has collaborated with Goldfrapp in the early 1990’s while Andrew Weatherall produces. The sound of the past is present, but everything has a contemporary pop sheen.



Search For Your Love is out now through O











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