27/01/2017 – Laura White-That Girl

Laura White is a name you might want to remember…



Imagine the scene, your at a Northern Soul night, the dance floor is dark and hazy, and suddenly a thumping beat kicks in, you go through your memory banks and can’t place it, but you dance on. In fact you dance as if your life depended on it. At the end of the song you traverse your way through the dancefloor to the DJ booth and ask “Mate, what was the last record?” the DJ gives you a sly smile and says “Laura White-That Girl”. You blink and look bemused. “Who?” you ask “You’ll know her soon enough” he replies before playing another banger and you are drawn to the dancefloor. When you wake up the next day you remember Laura White and play this as loud as you can take, and it all comes back.



That Girl is one of the best Northern Soul tracks to come out in recent years. The opening salvo break beats could have been recorded in any of the major production powerhouses over the past 50 years. White’s vocals have a classic vibe, but are grounded in 2017. And the backing track is to be embraced and adored. There are hints of Winehouse, but doesn’t do either artist any justice. White has her own thing going on, but there is that Winehouse ‘classic’ vibe to it. Basically White is that girl!



The Painted Door will be released 10th February through iluvlive Records
















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