25/01/2017 – Young Fathers-Only God Knowns

Young Fathers are the band, on the Trainspotting 2 soundtrack and firing on all cylinders!



Back when I was at school a film came out that, basically, shook everything up. That film was Trainspotting. A stories about junkies in Scotland was about a million miles away from my live in Dorset, but there was something about those characters, that film and its soundtrack that really connected with a teenage me. Now there is a sequel, T2, and its looking like all those old emotions could be re-awoken.



The lead single from the soundtrack is Only God Knows by Young Fathers. When this Hip-Hop trio exploded onto the music scene in 2010 they were a breath of fresh air, but little did we know that their 2014 debut, Dead, was going to win the Mercury Music Prize and birth their genre shifting follow up White Men Are Black Me Too. Only God Knows follows on from this, but blurs the boundaries of what Hip-Hop is/could be to the point that by the half way mark you don’t know what you’re listen to.



Only God Knows opens with a throbbing church organ and the Leith Congregational Choir delivering some soul saving vibes, before Young Fathers join the party with a pounding drum beat, subtle basslines and evangelical lyrics. Halfway the song breaks down to faux acapella revelations before everything it build up again.



The real power of Only God Knows is how it mixes Hip-Hop, gospel, a DIY recording ethos and the lyrically fervour that Young Fathers are praised for. In a nutshell, its gospel-punk sounds like nothing else around at the moment. But the stand out moment is whenever the Leith Congregational Choir join. At firs their inclusion was jarring and felt out of place, but after a few listens they anchor and ground the song together. Why did Young Fathers want to work with them? Because “There’s nothing like singing with your Aunties” the band exult. And who doesn’t like singing with family? Only God Knowns…



Only God Knows is released now through Big Dada, physical release in March















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