24/01/2017 – Ollie JCD-You Come Into My Heart

This is an album for all lovers out there



There is a day approaching that fills some with pleasure and others with dread. I don’t mean Eurovision, I’m talking about St. Valentine’s Day. For some it’s a day of candle lit dinners and picnics in the park and for others it’s about blotting the whole thing out with booze. American Hip-Hop producer Ollie has come up with a selection of songs that sum up the good and bad parts of a relationship.



“It’s what I like to call a “conceptual beat tape” meaning the even tho no one is rapping or singing the beats and the samples i found to create these batch of beats tell a story about a man who has been looking for love in the wrong places. This man finally meets a women who he falls head over heels for and they end up dating. And everything is going good in life because he believes he’s met the love of his life.” But it’s not all love and roses as Ollie continues. “As time goes on, this woman starts to change. The relationship doesn’t feel the same. The man doesn’t feel the same. Eventually he finds out she has cheated on him for some time and he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know how to feel. If he should forgive her, or break up with her. He even contemplates suicide. Over time tho, he eventually grows as a human being after the experience he has with this women and decides it’s best for him to just end things. Even tho his heart is broken, it’s not dead.”



Lead single You Come Into My Heart is four and a half minutes of joyous instrumental Hip-Hop. A simple vocal sample is underpinned by a laid back Boom-Bap beat. The sample comes from a the 1956 classic by the Platters with the lines “When the twilight is gone, and no songbirds are singing, When the twilight is gone you come into my heart” being repeated, chopped up and generally sonically abused, but in a weird way they are also being treated with care. Ollie has made a track that is full of emotional content, but not schmaltzy. If you are unsure what to give someone this  Valentine’s, don’t waste your money on chocolates and flowers, give them the Love EP instead.



The Love EP is released February 14th















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