23/01/2017 – CAT/-Glare

CAT/ has teamed up with some friends. It is nice to have friends…



Collaborations are tricky things to get right. If one person takes charge it doesn’t quite work, and one person is left out, have it too loose and it’s a free for all and no one is happy. Luckily CAT/’s jaunt in the studio with WRCKTNGL and KTNG is a slice of post-dubstep, dark electro perfection. Each artist has their own say, and their style is represented, but at the same time it doesn’t feel like a single producer’s work.



Throughout it’s all too short duration Glare throbs and pulses and digests itself, while never losing track of its purpose, yet at the same time never quite keeping to its brief. But what is that brief? To create a track full of ambient moans, claustrophobic bass drops and oppressive break beats. It’s a tour de force, not just for CAT/, WRCKTNGL and KTNG, but for the Titan Squad umbrella that covers them. Let’s hope there is more of this in the pipeline, as its too good to be a one off!















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  1. I have never done drugs, but this song sounds like what I imagine it’d feel like. It feels disjointed and slightly off, but soothing and surreal at the same time.

  2. I dunno. I think is closer to noise than enjoyment. The opposite of muzak- which is clearly not enjoyable, either.

    • Some muzak is incredibly enjoyable. Eno’s ambient albums are brilliant! As is a lot Vapourwave stuff.

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