21/01/2017 – VANIA-Electro Queen

Not only does VANIA sound good it has A E S T H E T I C



Vapourwave is s term that has been banded about since the early 2010’s, but what is it? In a nutshell it’s a genre of electronic music that borrows heavily from 1980’s music, but infuses it with elevator, soul, jazz and lounge. The samples are slowed down and cut up so they take on a whole new meaning. But there is more to it than slow retro samples. There is heavy leaning on commerce, capitalism and Japanese culture. And it’s that artistic penchant that have led some to call vapourwave an art movement, rather than a genre. However most new vapourwave artists don’t follow this blueprint to the letter, instead they make a hybrid of chill/synthwave with retro predispositions.



VANIA is one of these new artists. While VANIA’s new single, Electro Queen, isn’t 100% Vapourwave, it does borrow from it to create a version of it that is, on one hand just a laid back electronic track, but on the other it oozes A E S T H E T I C. Electro Queen opens with a repetitive loop that slowly sounds dulled, until a jaunty break beat kicks in that sounds like classic 1970’s soul and Daft Punk at the same time. This continues along its merry way until it a false ending rears its head, but after the fade up it’s business as usual until its outro.



What Electro Queen really does well is showcase VANIA’s skill at arrangement and production. From a few elements, and some clever tricks, Electro Woman sounds massive, catchy and incredibly fun. This is exactly what you need after a hard week at work. A short dose of retro themed fun! Whether VANIA can carry on this momentum into another release will remain to be seen, but so far this is definitely A E S T H E T I C!















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