16/01/2016 – Lupen Crook-Forty Winks

Raise the flags, fire up the klaxons, Lupen Crook has returned!



Today is a good day. This is something that we all want to say a lot, but sadly we can’t. In all fairness it only takes one thing to make a day good, so it’s a shame we don’t say this more often. Today’s one good thing is that Lupen Crook has release his first new music in what feels like years.



But instead of just one new song, the Crooked Man has unveiled two. No Clothes sounds like an out-take from his current Sex-Cells project. It has an Add N to (X) vibe to it, but it is still chocked full of his trademark sardonic charm. Woozy synths do battle with robotic beats, while depth-charge bass wobbles keep everything chaotic. Forty Winks is a more traditional Crook track. Acoustic guitar, slightly baritone vocals, but halfway through Krautrock influences start to emerge showing that he’s not just the fight-folkie we’ve come to love and admire.



Let’s hope that this is the start of a year-long project that sees the Crooked man releasing one or two songs a month, that grows into a larger, more cohesive project. Or maybe it’ll give Crook the impetus to pick up his old seven string and bash out some new classics. Either way 2017 is starting to look very rosy along the dirty mile.















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