14/01/2017 – S.B.F.-Paused

What shall we do to the Drunken Sailor? Buy their releases of course!



London’s based Drunken Sailor Records make waves with every release. Last year’s LP II from Hakan was thirteen tracks of Italians punk that is obsessed with Turkish culture was a high water mark. With the release of S.B.F.’s self-titled EP this appears to have equalled, if not eclipsed it.



S.B.F. are made up of two Californian’s, Cruz and Raymond, and a drum machine. Both of these American’s play the kind of punk that is catchy, infectious and hard to ignore. But the real kicker is the use of a drum machine. This conquers up memories of Big Black and the Misfits, the viciousness of Albini’s playing, the power of Danzig’s vocals and the rhythmic beauty of Roland’s drumming. Despite the power of the music there is an underlying compassion to the lyrics. It’s like Driving Miss Daisy with a brutal car chase in the middle.



S/T 7” is out now on Drunken Sailor Records















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  1. I really like the frantic energy of these songs. They are quite entertaining and I could see my Zumba teacher using them. The dance would involve a lot of lunges and jumps. It would be exhausting and fun.

  2. Kelly said:

    This music was a little much for me but I like that you are reviewing music and look forward to hearing something new I might like. Thanks.

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