13/01/2017 – JW Ridley-Everything (Deathless) (Part 1)

JW Ridley and Speedy Wunderground are getting 2017 off to a fantastic start



To quote the late, great, Roddy Piper “Just when you think you know the answers, I change the questions”. Not only is this an amazing quote, but it’s also true thinking about London based label Speedy Wunderground. This label, that famously only releases 7” singles that are written and recorded from scratch in a 24 hour session, has been responsible for some of the catchiest and most forward thinking music in recent years, but considering Dan Carey is at the helm and Alexis Smith is engineering this isn’t a surprise. What is surprising is how the managed to trump themselves with each release. And SW20 is not exception.



This time the musician getting the SW treatment is JW Ridley. Ridley is an art school graduate from London and his debut single sounds like, as he eloquently said “Everything (Deathelss) is the most important thing I’ve ever done for myself”. After a year of personal difficulties and crisis you can feel Ridley cleansing himself by the end of the song. Woozy synths, angular guitars, languid vocals and a backbeat that sounds likes it’s from the Life Aquatic, Everything (Deathless) crackles and pulsates forward until an exquisite fade out.



As this is just part one, and knowing what we know about Speedy Wunder B-Sides, Steve Mason, Scotti Brains and Fews were talking to you here, we can expect the flip to be a quasi-instrumental affair that has a blatant disregard for conventional song structure, time signatures and lyrics. With this release you are really spoiling us!



Everything (Deathless) is released on 10th February through Speedy Wunderground















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