09/01/2017 – Cinema-Absence

Dallas Distortion Music unveils another slice of forward thinking music with Cinema’s debut long player



What is one of the most important things for a band to have, other than great songs? A search able name. And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead had the right idea. Texas’ Cinema thought they’d go from something more obtuse. When you search for Cinema Dallas you get, well, a load of cinemas. Which is a shame as their debut album, Absence, is thirteen tracks that, after a first list, have the complexity of mist, but just like mist there is a lot going on to keep everything from disappearing into the ether.



Each track is recorded using a modular synthesizer, recorded live to high-bias audiotape. Tape degradation can be found strewn across these recordings, giving them a slightly timeless feel, like they were found at a garage sale and uploaded to a Bandcamp page without any editing and manipulation.



Through delicate phrases and layering Cinema manages to create a feeling a flux and movement. At times it feels like the musical version of ripples on water after you’ve dropped a stone in. The further the ripples go out the gentler and smooth they appear, but due to the original drop the initial force comes back again and again.



Absence is out now through Dallas Distortion Music















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