08/01/2017 – MXLX-Perdita de Sangue

MXLX has returned. Our savant savour has returned



MXLX has emerged from his studio after months of fevered work. This work takes the name of Kicking Away at the Decrepit Walls til the Beautiful Sunligh Blisters Thru the Cracks. So far details about it are sketchy, apart from it consists of eight tracks and features new single Perdita de Sangue.



Loosely translated as loss of blood, Perdita de Sangue is four minutes of gentle maelstroms, fuggy vocals and almost hidden basslines is one of the most complex and addictive songs in his canon. As it skews along its sanguine path, one thing is apparent, MXLX means business and he’s angry. This is a stark contrast from the last time MXLX reared his head and delivered a thirty minute blast of sheer metal maladies, but the intensity, has remained.



Given the lack of activity from MXLX last year, compared to other years, let’s hope that 2017 sees him firing on all cylinders and releasing his best work to date. As we need him, this electronic savant, to guide us through these dark and worrying times.















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