06/01/2017 – Blushing-Tether

Blushing show that shoegazing and dreampop are far from dead in 2017



In 2015 Michelle Soto played her friend Christina Carmona her songs. Carmona’s classical vocals and bass playing worked well with Soto’s guitar. Their husbands heard the tracks and joined the band and Blushing was formed.



Since then they have honed those songs into their debut EP Tether. Over four songs Blushing have crafted something that is melodic and atmospheric just is doused with a pop sheer that makes them hard to ignore. While you can hear the collective influences of Cocteau Twins, The Sundays, Belly and Beach House they have a collection of songs that sound like no one else. Yes they aren’t reinventing the wheel, but sometimes you don’t want a new wheel, you’re happy to see it just painted green.



Tether is full of what feels like auto biographical lyrical moments and charming motifs that rise and fall like an ebbing tide. It’s equally at home being played full volume, as it is being played quietly on headphones as a loved one is sleeping. The only real question is will Blushing be able to untether this level of musical and lyrical excellence for their follow up?















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