05/01/2017 – consuumer-Shattered Fruit

consuumer are on the brink, but what is on the other side, only they know



What do you get if you mix the grunge, proto-punk and doom rock? You get Brighton based noise rock duo consuumer. This duo managed to combine the energy of The Stooges, the intensity of Sunn O))), the technical beauty of Black Sabbath and noise of the Melvins to create something that shakes you to your core with every note played.


After releasing their debut single, Radio, and playing pretty much anywhere and everywhere they are about to unleash their debut EP Shattered Fruit. The band recently said “I think that as a whole the EP works within themes of being young, confused and uncomfortable, both of us work jobs we hate to fund doing the thing we love and I think that the frustration of not being where we want to be and not necessarily being comfortable in our own skin made the record quite cathartic for us.” This definitely comes across. At times it feels like these noise-niks are so angry with the world all they can do is scream and attack their instruments, yet at other times of melodic introspection it feels like they are world weary and just want everyone to get along.



This is exemplified on title track Shattered Fruit sounds like Lightning Bolt covering Black Sabbath’s Sweet Leaf at their most laidback. This is in fact a massive compliment as it shows that, unlike some of their peers, consuumer known when to make an unholy racket but never at the expense of the song.



Shattered Fruit is released on 13th January















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  1. You post such a variety of music on here, I just love it!!

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