01/01/2017 – The Class of 2016

So that’s another year over. As the dust is still settling it’s hard to know how history will judge it.  Will it be considered a good vintage or will it be remembered as the year then the tides changed and everything started to get slightly worse. Either way the judging won’t be down to us anytime soon. One thing that everyone can agree on is that in 2016 a lot of cultural icons passed away, but I’m not going to comment on this now, but needless to say we lost some exceptional talent.



Despite all the bad things that happened, 2016 was a good year for music. On previous years I’ve listed all my favourite albums in great detail, but this year here is thisyearinmusic’s Top albums for the year


#10 MXLX-Documents Shredded // Communications Ceased



#9 Speedy Wunderground Year 2



#8 2016: The Year All Bad Things Went Away and Everything Turned Out to Be Fine



#7 Scattered Purgatory-God of Silver Grass



#6 Soundwalk Collective-Killer Road



#5 Fairhorns-Committee XIV



#4 La Femme-Mystere



#3 Las Aves-Die in Shanghai



#2 Yann Tiersen-EUSA



#1 Kate Tempest-Let Them Eat Chaos














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  1. Thank for the year in review Nick!

    I thought I wasn’t going to like them as I listened. I enjoyed #7, and then the top 4.

    I always appreciate hearing new tracks and artists on your site! Thanks!

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