16/12/2016 – Curlwond-Amazing Light (2016)

Elysian Tunes and Curlwond channel chip-tune and juke on new EP



Some songs are just fun. They don’t have a complex story about how it’s all about the rise of capitalism and the death of the individual. They’re just a collection of fun sounds, energetic beats and energy. This is exactly what Curlwond’s new EP, Gloss, is all about.



Opening track Amazing Grace is punchy, playing and pulsating. There is an effervescence to it that is hard to ignore. This is probably the chiptune coming to the fore, or maybe the d’n’b breakbeats that pepper the later stages, or maybe still it’s that a layer of pop has saturated the whole thing. At times it sounds like the music from the Zelda games being covered by Chris Moss Acid for an Activia Benz release. Ultimately it’s just brilliant. The rest of the EP follows this pattern and Sugar Kitty comes close to eclipsing the opener. At times it almost pulls this feat off, but there is something about Amazing Lights that is hard to shake off, once it’s gotten into your head and under your skin.



Elysian Tunes have released another evocative and captivating release. What makes Elysian Tunes such an interesting label is you never really know what you going to get, but you do know it’s going to be inventive and enjoyable. And at the end of the day isn’t that all we really want?















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