11/12/2016 – Anaemic-Blue (2016)

Anaemic may not be ground breaking, but this music is certainly distinctive



In the sphere of electronic music, especially in 2016, it’s hard to stand out and be original. Shelburne, Vermont’s Anaemic definitely stand out. So far this electronic artist has released a night on flawless EP and an ongoing series. The series is called Compilation and every time something release worthy is recoded it gets added to the track listing. It’s kind of like a playlist, but that isn’t what interested us today. Oh no, today we’re concerned with the four track Better Songs EP.




Aaaaaaaa is a fine introduction to the EP, as it skitters along, but makes you very aware of what is it follow. Stand out track Blue is just under three minutes of blissed out glitchy guitars and laidback beats. There is a cool slacker vibe that runs through Blue that makes you question where, and when, the guitar sample came from. At times it feels like an outtake from some lost studio session, but then it a motif appears and it sounds like the most current thing ever. This isn’t an isolated incident. Throught Better Songs Anaemic peppers with this. Poinsettia feels like a found piano sample the Anaemic has underpinned with a popping beat. Its delicate, but in your face. Oh Brother closes the EP with samples of children at play, repetitive synths, and bouncing trap-esque beats. The track also features Mutant Joe on vocals. His manipulated and chopped up vocals bring to mind Death Grips, but instead of the PCP infused rantings, Mutant Joe is concise and erudite.



Earlier in December Anaemic released Compilation. A series of vignettes and sonic experimentations that work far too well to be ignored. Let’s hope that 2017 holds either Compilation II or a long player, because at the moment I need more of this!















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