07/12/2016 – Bart Graft-Poppy (2016)

Bart Graft gives up an early Christmas present with free downloadable single Poppy



When discussing synthwave/80’swave with friends some of them don’t understand why anyone would go out of their way to make that kind of music. They get nostalgia, especially for a time that never really existed in the real world. Watch any late 1980’s or early 1990’s film/TV show and you know what I mean. Teenagers hanging out in shopping mall. Constantly shopping. Eating junk in the food court and constantly preening themselves in high-end fashion shop mirrors. But throughout all this there was a constant soundtrack of pleasant muzak. The actually reality of this was that you’d go to the shopping centre, spend hours loitering, smoking outside, getting a Burger King/KFC from the bus station and then just before the shops shut buying the first thing you picked up.



Irish musician Bart Graft longs for this time. He pines to be an extra in a John Hughes mall scene. To spend all day with a neon slush puppy within reach and listening to a loop of easy listening music in which punk never happened and instrumental synth artists were kings. On new track Poppy he has made this very song. Catchy keyboard melodies and drums set to DEAF merges seamlessly to create something that hankers at the past, abet a past that might never have existed in the first place, but grounds it in contemporary culture.



Graft has totally captured the vibe he attempted pastiche. At times you are forgiven for thinking you are watching some infomercial for a blender, ‘space underwear’, a gourmet V-Slice or a collection of albums that sounds like infomercial soundtrack. All the codes and conventions are there, however Graft isn’t taking the piss out of the ear, and genre, oh no. He’s showing it upmost respect and that is why Poppy works. He’s showing us a reflection of ourselves that never existed. An existence which doesn’t lead to this reality. And that is what makes this music so enjoyable. The thought that all the mess we’re in now wouldn’t have happened. And who said pop music was 2-D…















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