06/12/2016 – Phlask-Shaolin Monk (2016)

Flask remind us that there is more going on in December than Christmas



One thing that gets me excited about music is anonymity. The second I get a sniff that a band isn’t revealing something immediately turn into a mixture Sherlock Holmes, Starlee Kine and Columbo! I start searching the interviewing and shaking down friends to any tip-bit of information until the mystery is solved. The fever that takes hold of me is as intoxicating as it is all consuming. My recent obsession is Phlask.



All the information that can be gleened from this is they are a three piece from California, who love Gibby Haynes/Butthole Surfers, Jim Jarmusch films, experimental music and Jackie Chan. Of course all of this could be subterfuge.  However the music that make is far more interesting than these, and their, collective influences…



Phlask make a droney motorik that is hard to ignore. This is by definition motorik is hard to ignore due to its repetitive nature, massive bass riffs and general lumber presence that overwhelms your senses and receptive organs. Just look at last year album by Fairhorns if you need an example. But just like Fairhorns, Phlask is incredibly moving and listenable.



A-Side Bubbles sets all of us up in its opening salvo. Huge chord progressions echo around euphoric vocals, while the bass slugs it out with the drums until an ad hoc solo takes over. Then ¾’s of theway through everything kicks off and the pace increases the song intensifies until everything is a blur. Blue Reed follows on this pattern, but is instrumental and comes out of the traps at a hundred miles an hour. This is the sound of a band that firstly don’t care and secondly make music full of infectious melodies and subversive rhythms.















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