05/12/2016 – Luka Fisher-Mind (2016)

Luka Fisher and Silber Media team up again for an EP that is as harrowing as it is welcoming



For those in the know Luka Fisher is a big deal. Despite his lack of solo releases he is a main stay, and frequent collaborator, on the LA underground scene. Last year he released an EP through Silber Media, as part of their 5in5 series, namely the Sleep Gallery EP. The 5in5 series is a simple premise. 5 songs 5 minutes. As with the rest of this 5in5 cohorts his EP was full of droney sonic improvisations. This might sounds like some wishy washy nonsense, but in those 5 minutes  Fisher displayed more control and reserve than many fail to pull off over larger pieces of work. Now he has returned with the Mind Drone Business EP.



Opening with a few guitar string pucks, Mind, slowly builds and skews into a ninety second thing of fragile dissonance. Its Minds lack of elements that add to its minimal charm. Drone starts much the same, but there is an air of malice that underpins it. As it slowly builds it takes on the conventions of a score. As the music builds and slowly swells the final images of beloved character being murdered/vanishing after a crime flicker in front of us like a dying candle in a darkened room. We take nothing from its heat or illumination, but we are transfixed by it. Business Without Conflict is the most interesting of the trio as for the first time the sound of technology, old school modems connecting to the internet, and chopped up vocal samples show us how our place within the world is slowly vanishing. We created the technology and it was old and jerky, then, as with everything, it gets fine-turned until the new variations overtake original.



Fisher has built on last year’s Sleep Gallery EP, but shown he is more than a one trick pony. Let’s hope that in 2017 Fisher steps out of the underground scene he knows and loves and embraces the bright and airy land above.















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