04/12/2016 – Hareton Salvanini-Hippie 12 (2016)

Stamp the Wax return with an alternative advent calendar that even the most grinchy can get behind



Right, Christmas fever has hit the nation and everywhere you go, you can’t help see Christmas jumpers, dogs wearing reindeer horns and the pubs and bars across the last is sell Christmas cheer. So some of this this level of gaudiness is a bit too much, but Stamp the Wax have an alternative. Namley their musical advent calendar.



This is the third year that Stamp the Wax have released an audible advent calender, and like previous years all the proceeds go to charity. This year it’s the Steve Reid Foundation that will be benefitting. The charity was started by Giles Peterson to support musicians both creatively and financially.



Stamp the Wax have promised that this year’s list will feature “More winter warmers from new friends and old, including the familiar bouncing groove from the re-emerged house gem Takuya Matsumoto, some brass-lead soul from multi-instrumentalist Bastien Keb, a soul reissue from Athens of the North and a journeying cut from Max Graef. Dark Sky and Glenn Astro return with more hidden treasures and a there’s even a special shelf dusting for the astral king Sun Ra.”



Today’s musical gift is by Hareton Salvanini. Laid back horns ring out, vocals croon over the top and soaring strings tie everything together. Think Serge Gainsbourg working with Swingle while Gunther Kallmann works out those delicious vocal harmonies!



So far Stamp the Wax is leading the pack as the best way to count down to the big day and it all goes to a good cause, so what’s not to like, eh?















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